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23 April 2014 
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Welcome to Current Controlled Trials

Current Controlled Trials allows users to search, register and share information about clinical trials. Access to all the information on this site is free; charges for the registration services offered by Current Controlled Trials are available on request. Publication services are also available via the range of open access peer-reviewed journals published by our sister company, BioMed Central.

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Latest ISRCTNs assigned (Total: 12472)
23 April 2014: ISRCTN17241389 - The impact of obesity and weight loss on the endometrium
23 April 2014: ISRCTN56349930 - Phase II randomised placebo controlled NEOadjuvant chemotherapy study of Nintedanib with Gemcitabine and Cisplatin in locally advanced muscle invasive BLADder cancEr
23 April 2014: ISRCTN80067039 - A randomised controlled feasibility trial of the Books Beyond Words intervention to improve the management of epilepsy in people with learning disabilities
23 April 2014: ISRCTN94149868 - Effects of three months ingestion of EBC extract (extract of an african plant) on body weight and adiposity.
23 April 2014: ISRCTN39432352 - Are people's perceived risks of medicine side effects affected by the words we use to describe them?

Latest papers citing ISRCTNs in PubMed
12 April 2014: BMC Public Health. Setting the stage for chronic health problems: cumulative childhood adversity among homeless adults with mental illness in Vancouver, British Columbia.
[ISRCTN42520374] [PubMed]
12 April 2014: BMC Public Health. Longitudinal study of long-term smoking behaviour by biomarker-supported determination of exposure to smoke.
[ISRCTN95019245] [PubMed]
12 April 2014: Lancet. Assessing the efficacy of oral immunotherapy for the desensitisation of peanut allergy in children (STOP II): a phase 2 randomised controlled trial.
[ISRCTN62416244] [PubMed]
05 April 2014: Lancet. A gender-sensitised weight loss and healthy living programme for overweight and obese men delivered by Scottish Premier League football clubs (FFIT): a pragmatic randomised controlled trial.
[ISRCTN32677491] [PubMed]
05 April 2014: Lancet. Day-patient treatment after short inpatient care versus continued inpatient treatment in adolescents with anorexia nervosa (ANDI): a multicentre, randomised, open-label, non-inferiority trial.
[ISRCTN67783402] [PubMed]
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