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28 July 2014 
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Welcome to Current Controlled Trials

Current Controlled Trials allows users to search, register and share information about clinical trials. Access to all the information on this site is free; charges for the registration services offered by Current Controlled Trials are available on request. Publication services are also available via the range of open access peer-reviewed journals published by our sister company, BioMed Central.

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Latest ISRCTNs assigned (Total: 12708)
25 July 2014: ISRCTN41915584 - A randomised controlled trial examining the effectiveness of a STOMA psychosocial intervention programme on the outcomes of colorectal patients with a stoma
25 July 2014: ISRCTN47601528 - Effects of manual therapy for thoracic muscle pain
25 July 2014: ISRCTN58452386 - Preventative Role Of Polypill in Stroke (PROPS): Can a ‘polypill’ help reduce the chance that people who have had a stroke will have a heart attack or another stroke?
25 July 2014: ISRCTN48804508 - United Kingdom Frozen Shoulder Trial (UK FroST)
25 July 2014: ISRCTN84283190 - The Online Parent Information and Support Project

Latest papers citing ISRCTNs in PubMed
17 July 2014: N. Engl. J. Med. Assessment of second-line antiretroviral regimens for HIV therapy in Africa.
[ISRCTN37737787] [PubMed]
15 July 2014: Malar. J. Thiamin supplementation does not reduce the frequency of adverse events after anti-malarial therapy among patients with falciparum malaria in southern Laos.
[ISRCTN85411059] [PubMed]
12 July 2014: Lancet. Use of contingency management incentives to improve completion of hepatitis B vaccination in people undergoing treatment for heroin dependence: a cluster randomised trial.
[ISRCTN72794493] [PubMed]
11 July 2014: Med. Sci. Monit. Is a targeted and planned GP intervention effective in cardiovascular disease prevention? A randomized controlled trial.
[ISRCTN31857696] [PubMed]
01 July 2014: Aliment. Pharmacol. Ther. Randomised clinical trial: A liquid multi-strain probiotic vs. placebo in the irritable bowel syndrome--a 12 week double-blind study.
[ISRCTN77512412] [PubMed]
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